Piano lessons

After watching the newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens one of my friend asked me if I can teach her how to play the Min Theme on piano. I haven’t been playing it for a quite long time but decided to help my friend. I decided to use my skill not only for myself but also to help others.

I decided to learn this song firstly and it took me quite a while. It wasn’t easy, so I decided to look for an easier one. Some may thing that playing piano is easy because it is only about pressing buttons in a right sequence, but the truth is different.

After couple minutes of searching I found a nice cover, with quite easy notes so I learned it.

Later we met in my hose and I thought it to here in less than an hour 😀 ! I remember I thought her something before and some basic piano chords, but now she can play a whole song.

I definitely showed my commitment and understanding, not my strengths and weaknesses but other people. I decided to find an easier version appropriate to her skills, thus to help her learn. Now I hope she will enjoy playing it on piano as I do and maybe I will teach her something more. J

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