Longboarding – „dance on the plank”

About a week ago I received my new board – longboard. Before I’ve mastered riding on penny board and skate board and now I decided to become a pro at riding a longboard. As it turned out longboards are less more stable than the other boards. Firstly I decided that I want to learn how to “dance on a plank”. I showed my strong commitment 😛 because it’s winter now in Poland and the temperature is reaching -15 degrees.  It was quite difficult to “dance’ on board in all this jackets and the temperature but basically I was doing it for a long hours (1-2 hours), twice or even more per day. I hope soon I will master it. Below you can see two videos, showing two most basics steps to “dance” on the longboard. They look quite easy 😀 but to master them on longboard… is quite of a challenge.

Longboard 1

Longboard 2

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