GOCC 2016

GOCC ( The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) is a charity founded by the well-known Jurek Owsiak. Volunteers all over the world, but mainly in Poland, collected money to help diseased people and hospitals in Poland. This year the main goal is to provide decent medical care for seniors and buying medical equipment for pediatric wards.

The final of the event takes place on 10th of January. On that day volunteers, from all over the world are going out into the streets to collect money for the cause. I started very early, around 8 am trying to collect as much as possible. I’m motivated and very committed, because I know it will help many. Also seeing other volunteers roaming the streets and withstand the cold temperatures makes me feel as a part of something bigger and a part of a group. Our actions are beneficial for all the people who need help and in this way we show, that we care about them and their problems.

In this year I noticed that a lot more people was eager to help me. Even some kids from nearby orphanage decided to help me collect money and accompany me. They didn’t ask for money, they were just there to help me and had the same goal – to collect as much money as possible.  Because of the help they offered me I collected even more money. I handed in the money I collected quite late, because as always to show my commitment I was collecting moey till late hours.

After few days we received such information form the official GOCC page:

“Thanks to your help we’ve managed to raise more than 44 100 226 PLN.”

I’m very fond of that and I’m sure this money will be used for the right cause.

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