Tennis (Activity)

Tennis became a very important part of my live. I started to really enjoying it and I’m thinking about attending the classes more than once a week. In this year I promised myself that on every class I will try to do my best.

Once I changed my partners I started to play a bit more careful. I tried to show my understanding that they are not as good as me and to help them learn I was trying to serve them “easy” balls. They were all girls, so they play quite gently. Before I was playing with two boys and one girl. They didn’t focus on the way they play but more how fast the ball will go on the other side. That only confirmed my theory that how you play also depends on your partners. I thinking of changing them but for now on I will stay and try to show my full commitment. Because of that I realized how boring it must be for the tutor to show every student how to play over and over again.

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