Helping in the forestry management (Service)

Today together with my family we went to the , where we were supposed to meet their friends. After welcoming us and exchanging compliments I was introduced to a place where they kept ill or old birds which were not able to exist alone. There I was shown a little bird which had his wing broken. I wasn’t even sure if such small creatures can broke something but as it turned out they can. To somehow entertain me together with my friend we took this small birdy and learned it to fly. It was such an amazing experience as the bird trying to escape your hands flew to and air and immediately falls on the ground. I have never hold so small creatures in hand and especially birds. Together with my friend we spend an entire day practicing together with the tiny fellow. I think that I help a bit this bird as I was helping him for nearly 2 hours. I think this didn’t learned me much but it was a great experience which gave me a little bit of insight into the existence of wildlife animals and how the forest keepers care about them 11422679_928416990549175_700419861_n (1)

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