Archangel House Conclusion (Service)

As a conclusion to my year visits in Archangel House I want to say that I learned a lot. The first thing I want to highlight is how my attitude towards those kids changed. Before I never have a contact with people younger than I am and I really avoided this kind of situations. Now I do enjoy it. Not only because of the fact that I found out that children have very interesting views about the world but also because I feel that my aid really helps them. I don’t really know if my effort and explanations anyhow helped them but I sincerely count on it.

Secondly I felt more responsible. Even though I wasn’t forced to come there or anything like this I have chosen to go there every Friday. I felt obliged, not only because of CAS but to help those children.  It build up my sense of responsibility and that is why I think it helped me a lot when it comes to other situations in life. Now I feel that I can force myself to do more than before, because of the responsibility I feel.

As a conclusion I want to say that I think this kind of service gives you the most satisfaction of all. You can see the faces of kids happy when you done homework with them but also the boredom which they show when they don’t understand. In the future year I am sure I want to continue this action and try to put even more effort in it as it may be my last year I have time for such actions.

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