Tennis Conclusion (Activity)

After next year of training tennis I can say that this was the year that I benefited most from. I think that it is because of the fact that I finally perceived the benefits of showing full engagement. That this is the only way we can achieve something. Frankly, I always believed that the sooner or later skills will come but they didn’t – only after my hard work and my commitment to show up on every lesson.

I came to a conclusion that doing sports is vital to achieve success in studying as school and lessons aren’t everything. I should reconsider my next year plans and devote some more time for sports.

In this year I also tried to point out my strengths and weaknesses and make a change. By practicing and understanding what I should improve I decided to, whenever is possible, practice it.

After this year I can say that my condition significantly improved.  Frankly, from the PE lessons I get less skills and I don’t improve my condition as good as after the tennis lessons. During this year I bettered my forehand, which was my biggest weakness to overcome, but also I did a lot of improvements in the field of my speed and condition. Now I am able to move slightly faster and in accurate.

At the end I want to say that I want to continue it in the next school year and I can’t way whenever the first lessons will start. I do not want to abandon tennis entirely during the vacations and I will try to devote some more time on it and to come back will even better skills.

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