Tour De Pologne (Service)

This summer, during my holidays I took part as a volunteer in a road bicycle race.  I had some unforgettable experience and spend great time with my friend.  But firstly I want to explain what exactly is Tour De Pologne.

Tour De Pologne is the most known in our country bike race similar to Tour de France. Cyclist need to ride 7 to 8 stages. IV stage was in Katowice on 4th of August.  In this bicycle race not only cyclists from Poland took part but from all over the world.

On the 6th of August, when the peloton came to Katowice my main job was to watch after people and to provide them best view of the race and some enduring memories. To explain what precisely what volunteers were doing I will start from the beginning. We gathered together bout 10 o’clock and they gave us fancy glowing yellow capes, sack with cookies and water and red shirt with distinguishes us from normal spectators. They gave us also information card about detours which we were obliged to know. Together with my friend we were guarding double-lane road in Bytków. My major task was to keep people away from the street and also to show them the best point to watch the race in safety. Some spectators weren’t subordinated. Our primary problem was children but also their keepers who ran on the streets to make some photos. My only complaint is that police who was also obliged to keep an eye on the crowd didn’t mind that they were wandering across the street. I was guarding great area of parking. During the race no cars were allowed to park there but to my utter astonishment I have no trouble with cars. Mostly with people.

So what exactly did I learn from this event:

  1. Developed new skills,

I never realized that I can control the crowd. I felt that I was responsible for how the people will remember Tour De Pologne but also for their safety. I developed my skill of responsibility and gained new skill – crowd controlling: D.

  1. Undertaken new challenges,

This is the first time I was looking after so big amount of people.  I need to aid them but also give them some advices.

  1. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities,

I was standing and helping to control the crowd for about 6 hours. I advise everyone who asked me for. I urged every person about the danger of crossing the road and also children who were the most unpredictable.

  1. Worked collaboratively with others,

We were aiding each other for ex. Every time a person was walking on the street and somebody saw it we call to each other to do something with it.

  1. Planned and initiated activities

At the beginning we planned who will be assigned to one of the 7 areas. We were discussing and choosing which place will be best for us and for other.

  1. Increased awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth,

I strengthened my skill of responsibility and my awareness that I’m good at controlling other deeds but also not to spoil the fun.

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