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Jogging through forest (Activity)

Jogging  is the next thing I did to get fit during the winter. I putted on my fluffy coat and began my torment. It was about 1 hour of my life. It was quite new experience, but after what I thought I … Continue reading

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CAS- A for Tennis

After 5 next months of exercising I corrected my forehand and backhand. This all happened because of my latest understanding of engagement and also because I have one of the best coach (in my opinion). Now the only problem I … Continue reading

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Amnesty international (Service)

Amnesty international, Today I participated in writing letters to free the imprisoned Chelsea Manning as a part of Amnesty International actions. Firstly I decided to take part in this action because I’m a person who likes to be up the … Continue reading

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LEGO photos (Creativity)

I really revel in making photos. I think this is one of the way to express yourself in a creative way (the other great way is painting, but I’m not really talented at it). I decided to made some photos … Continue reading

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