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Origami – Heavy Rain (Creativity)

Today I played a very interesting and profound game called Heavy Rain. The main theme of this game was origami. The plot was about a murder who was killing children but leaving parents clues about the locations of their beloved … Continue reading

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CAS- A for Bilard

About a week ago, my friend, asked me If I want to try billiard. She was very excited about that, but I wasn’t. I always regarded billiard as something really boring to play. What’s more I couldn’t imagine how people … Continue reading

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Making Halloween decorations (Creativity)

Making Halloween decorations, In woke up in the morning of the 31 of October and decided to make some Hallowe’en decorations around my house. I know it is something uncommon, moreover something reprehensible in Poland. Why it is so in Poland? Poland … Continue reading

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